Natursutten, pacifier for the EcoBaby

During lunch with friends yesterday I noticed that my friends toddlers pacifier was not like anything I had seen before. She’s American and said it was really a popular pacifier in the US as it’s toxin-free.

Sourcing the internet when I got home I found out that Natursutten was dicovered in 2005 by a mother of three in Denmark, Anne-Dorthe Schroeder. “As a new mother, I thought about how many hours my son was going to have a pacifier in his mouth, and I was determined to find a truly safe alternative.” She found the patent i Germany, in use in the Health Care system. She then got the rights for it, sat up her own business and runs today her business EcoBaby with the pacifier Natursutten as the best selling product. EcoBaby wants to make a difference by making parents aware of toxin-free baby products, which ensure a more chemical-free future for our children and for our environment.

Natursutten is made ecologically sustainable from pure natural rubber from the tree Hevea brasiliensis. The design, the company and the idea is Danish, it’s manufactured in Italy and sold world wide. Find your nearest Natursutten retailer.

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One thought on “Natursutten, pacifier for the EcoBaby

  1. i love those doddies and every time somebody saw my son’s one they ask where they come from… i found the same one as well but other brands in Spain, POrtugal and Italy .

    a bientot.

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