A 10th Birthday party in planning

Little B is not so little any longer. She’s turning 10 years old in October. And it’s about time to start planning her birthday party. So far she’s had Ice Skating party, Hollywood movie star party, Horse riding party, Pottery Painting party, Fame party and the list goes on.
Now, what to do for her 10th? How many friends to invite? Any ideas will be very much appreciated as our beautiful soon-to-be-10 year old deserves a proper celebration! Please share any ideas by commenting here or by email to: post@littlescandinavian.com

Little B, 6 months old.
Little B this summer.

© Little Scandinavian

One thought on “A 10th Birthday party in planning

  1. Ahh, isn’t it just one of the best things about being a mum; creating parties for your kids. Mine are still quite young at 6 and 2, but it get more tricky each year coming up with something to beat the previous year. At ten, I guess she feels quite grown up. What about a ‘high tea’ with some of her special girl friends. You can really go to town on lots of beautiful cakes and dainty finger sandwiches … like tea at the Ritz! Another idea would be a cinema party complete with popcorn! Look forward to seeing what you end up doing. Lovely, lovely blog.

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