Wildflowers, Scandinavian style nursery in the UK

Helena: I’m a Swedish mother who started Wildflowers Kindergartens six years ago in 2005. The pre-school is located in mid-Hampshire, between Winchester and Petersfield. It is based on the Scandinavian outdoor nursery model for early childhood education where children learn through exploration, movement, relationships, activities and out door play all year around.
Independent studies have shown that children educated in natural environments are healthier, have better balance and co-ordination, are more attentive and concentrate better, demonstrate more creativity and co-operation in their play, and develop more sophisticated uses of language, than children spending most of the time indoors and in the outdoor spaces of conventional early years settings.
In addition to the kindergarten Wildflowers also arrange playgroups, parent & child groups and holiday camps.

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Both Little B and Little A went to a lovely nursery in Oslo for children 1 – 6 years. Most nurseries in Norway are non academic in the sense that the children do not learn how to read and write. What’s most important is to learn social skill and general awareness and to grow confidence and independence, so the children would be ready to start big school when they turn 6 years. In Scandinavia we think that being outdoors is an essential way to learn the most important skills for children.
Moving to the UK have in many ways been wonderful. However moving children from outdoor nurseries to indoor nurseries and schools with wet play have made me miss the Scandinavian way of doing it -learning by nature.

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6 thoughts on “Wildflowers, Scandinavian style nursery in the UK

  1. We are lucky enough to live close enough for our children to attend Wildflowers in Hampshire. I just dont know what we would have done without Helena’s kindergarten – they would be different children(!) Keep up the brilliant work, folks x

  2. We will actually visit London from 3. until 6. of november, celebriting C’s 10. Birthday 🙂 Together with my parents and on of her cousins. Do you have any suggestions for a central, childfriendly hotel?

  3. Hi A! We’ll let you know next time -no plans made. You have to let us know if you’re heading to London! Love Bx

  4. Lovely little girls, lovely memories! 🙂
    What happened to all the years since then… They are suddenly so grown -up!
    We’re back in Oslo by the way. Living on Aker Brygge. C is attending Ruseløkka School. And I’m a student again 🙂
    Would be nice to meet up sometime You’re in town. Best regards, A

  5. Wish there were more like this. My children have both been to a montessori nursery which i love and that was even hard to find. I love the Scandinavian values and way of life. 😉

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