Norwegian speciality; Stabburet’s Makrell i Tomat

Little time and still want to eat healthy?

This is what I had for lunch today. Stabburet’s Makrell i Tomat / mackerel fillets in tomato sauce (please note the brand -it has to be Stabburet) on Ryvita rye crackers, with cucumber slices and freshly ground pepper.

Easy, tasty and healthy as the mackerel is full of Omega-3.
So good for you that I had to have two…

Here’s a Norwegian TV advert for Stabburet’s Makrell i Tomat.

6 thoughts on “Norwegian speciality; Stabburet’s Makrell i Tomat

  1. Dear Kristina. You can find most Norwegian specialities online at, they also stock Stabburet’s Makrell i tomatsaus -see “Påleggs og frokostvarer” and scroll down. Please note shipping costs… You might not want to ad one item for £2.5 and then get £25 in shipping costs. Another tip is the the Norwegian seamen’s church. They often sell it too. Find your nearest here. Another one is I couldn’t see that they were stocking it but they might will do in the feature if they get requests for it. Best of luck! x

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