Maybe we all need a broken washing machine?

Came home last night, unpacking several suitcases with dirty clothes today before discovering that the washing machine is broken… Oh what a joy! The washing machine expert was not available before end of week and meanwhile I’m forced to do my washing by hand. As this seems to be quite extensive amount of labour I’ve now gone through it all and discovered that a good few of the garments that usually would get a full wash only needs spot removing, which is far more eco friendly.
Maybe we all need a broken washing machine now and then to remind us?

Well I better get on with it! Wish me luck and please share any hand washing secrets you may have!


  1. Oum, thanks for your tip! Soak over night was def a great tip!
    The service engineer came yesterday, and couldn’t do anything. One expensive washing machine less than 3 years old is ready for the bin -utterly outrageous! Anyway. I will continue with hand wash until the new machine will arrive. Can’t be bothered taking all the laundry to a local launderette. Although that would be an excellent opportunity for Soduko and reading a good book. 😉

  2. Oh wow, I am not sure I share your enthusiasm 🙂 but still… For stain removal, I use “Savon de Marseille”. It is a hard soap and I am sure you have something equivalent there. You need to rub the soap on the stain directly. If a lot of stubborn stains, you can soak the clothes for the night before using that thing you have in the picture (not sure of the name …). Good luck !!!!

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