Utterly gorgeous girls summer outfit by Dundelina

This outfit ticks all the boxes; It’s well made, it’s beautiful to look at, it does have a nostalgic touch taking you back to your won childhood memories of summer and it’s fun with lot’s of playful details. Little A danced around with the lovely balloon styled dress that does swing! She was excited about the light and soft cotton shirt; It has wings mummy! Do you think I can fly wearing this?
And she was even more excited when she realised that the bird had a pocket hidden underneath it’s beak; For my treasures, mummy!
I love the well made button closing at the back, the polka dot fabric and matching inner layer of heavy high quality fabric and I love the pretty blouse. This is a set that amazes me. We have enjoyed the beautiful design by the Norwegian based designer Dundelina in the past but this set truly amazes us, and Little A can’t wait to wear it to non uniform day at the end of term -and probably for the entire summer holiday! www.dundelina.com

3 thoughts on “Utterly gorgeous girls summer outfit by Dundelina

  1. Det settet er utrolig fint! Hun formelig danset rundt -du vet hvordan de er når de føler seg vel i klærne! 🙂
    Håper alt er vel hos dere og at dere nyter sommerferien x

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