Winners of sunprotective clothes by Solamigos

UV protective and water resistant clothes by Solamigos are both practical yet colourful and funky -for active children 0-12years. Solamigos’ clothes provide the highest possible UV protection, suitable to wear during activities such as swimming, sailing, surfing bicycling, skating or just playing in the sun.

We were very happy when we were able to launch a giveaway competition back in June for readers of Little Scandinavian.
In order to participate all you had to do was to answer a few simple questions:
1. Solamigos sun protective clothing are providing the highest possible sun protection. What’s the highest UPF?
Answer: UPF 50
2. Solamigos sun protective clothing are made in EU and certified eco friendly Oeko-Tex®, but where is it designed?
Answer: Solamigos is designed in Sweden

Thank you to everyone that participated! We have now via chosen three lucky winners that will be able to choose their prize from the Solamigos Spring Summer 2011 collection

And the winners are… *drum roll*

Winner 1: Henrik
Winner 2: Nina Frost
Winner 3: Suvi

1. Henrik can choose two Solamigos outfits
2. Nina Frost can choose one outfit by Solamigos
3. Suvi can choose a Solamigos UV Cap

Thank you to everyone that participated and Congratulations to the three lucky winners! Please contact us as soon as possible to claim your prize:

This giveaway competition was sponsored by Solamigos through their UK agent Fun Little Things.

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