Imagine waking up as a member of a troll family!

One night, Neville Brisket wakes up from a strange dream, a dream that there is a horrible, stumpy finger stuck up his nose. Then he finds his room in a mess, and his dog in the laundry basket. Neville’s investigations end sposhily, when he is whooshed down the toilet to the land of Under!
In Scandinavian folklore, trolls are said to dwell in isolated mountains, rocks, and caves In this book the trolls are more urban and lives in cities among tons of junk and down in the sewer. So in a case of mistaken troll-dentity, Neville finds himself all of a sudden as part of a disgusting new family!
Will anybody help Neville get back to Over, or will he be stuck eating rat patties and left sock stew forever? This hilariously delivered tale will delight and disgust parents and children alike. We recommend follow Neville on his adventures with the trolls.

The Wrong Pong by Steven Butler, Puffin £5.99

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