The brand to watch; 50’s style by Rockefella

The swedish children’s fashion brand Rockefella creates fun and funky clothes in a proper retro 50’s style for cool children. Introduced to the British market on the trade show Bubble in June 2010 and was named winner of the Standout Award for the best-dressed stand at the show with its pirate-themed and retro creation. The clothes are both comfortable and stylish, in fact we’re always stopped on the street by people who want to take a closer look at for example the popular yellow cardigan, and they would say: Like seriously! I had one just like that as a child! I used to love my cardigan! Wow -do they produce it again!?!

Yes they do. We think Rockefella is the brand to watch at Bubble London in June 2011, exhibiting for the 3d time. We’re very excited to see they have in store for us for Spring Summer 2012. Wear it. Live it. Roll the Dice.

© Photos by Silje Glefjell Photography for Little Scandinavian

Silje Glefjell Photography is a Norwegian London based up and coming fashion photographer. We are thrilled to be working with her and are very much looking forward to our next photo shoot!

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