Passion for fashion with an alternative to French classicism

Nordinary is a online shop based in France. Nordinary have a cool, funky and fun collection of many of our Scandinavian favourite brands like Mala, Smafolk, Moonkids, Gren Cotton, Duns Sweden, Hollys and many more. They also have a great selection of all things needed to create a perfect children’s nursery -with a Scandinavian touch; Sebra, Ferm Living and Maileg to name a few.
We had a chat with Estelle, the founder of Nordinary to hear a bit more about this lovely Scandinavian oase. Estelle is pictured below, on the beach in 1976.
Tell us a little bit about you and how your wonderful online shop, Nordinary was conceived.
I worked for several years as a journalist for a big French newspaper, especially in the fashion section. Topics covered in fashion were not always my taste, very classic, preppy, boring for me whose tastes are diametrically opposed. I dreamed of colors, comfortable original materials and a more environmentally friendly conception than mercantile way of thinking.
The birth of my daughter Adelaide was the ingredient that I needed to apply my passion for fashion with an alternative to French classicism. Scandinavian style so quickly imposed itself to me. It was over relatively unknown at the time which encouraged me to take the lead.

How do you select the clothes, what’s the Nordinary style?
I go several times a year in Scandinavia. Priority to Copenhagen where I attend two major trade shows for fashion trends Ciffkids and CphKids. I draw many of my inspirations there. But my best discoveries are those that I can found in small shop on rides in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Aarhus.
Scandinavia is full of young designers who are not necessarily represented in the fairs. So my choice is directed primarily towards the creators unknown in France. They must be colorful, comfortable and Oeko-tex as much as possible. The price is also important. I also think of the child who will wear the garment. He must be happy to put it on, to show to his friends. For babies and toddlers, all-over prints are a real source of pleasure. They act like a giant picture book that awakens and enchants them!

And finally, what’s your favourite picks for the summer? Any strong trends?
In Mala, I love their happy print that puts you in a good mood. We feel that children are comfortable and chic at the time. Nothing complex about these basics, you just put it with a simple gesture. It also helps the autonomy of smaller.
Regarding our deco selection, Sebra and Ferm Living are our two favorites. The joy and colors continues inside bed. We fell in love for the colorful printed highlights of the new collection from Sebra. The cars that reminds us, parents, when we play thousand milestones (a French card game), and caring little owls to keep the sleeping girls!
Ferm Living is spoiling us with all its sweet and original organic pillows and soon some extra especially for moms!
To celebrate the arrival of warm weather, Nordinary choose to invite circus animal and festive decor. We also look forward to the small UV swimwear from Smafolk and flowered dresses of Duns Sweden!
For mums, we have also a new selection made for her with Scandinavian designers like Danefae and Hjorth. Raincoat, skirt, dress and pants in a high quality and with this Nordic touch that we love!

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  1. Thanks for the tip, Deborah. Varehuset (the mall) looks like a very inspirational shop to visit! Hope I’ll have time to stop by Fredriksberg in August! 🙂

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