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Leander and Stokke, both cots are Scandinavian contemporary design; simple, safe, functional and would make a beautiful piece of furniture for any home. But which one is for you!? Post updated 10.03.2016 with new specifications and more information to help you choose!

Both beds are award winning evolving bed. It moves, grows and develops, just like your child. The cot beds are made from forest friendly solid beech in a iconic Scandinavian functional design. Both are easy to assemble and use and is safe for your baby. With two such great beds, which one to choose for your baby?

The Leander Baby Bed vs Stokke Sleepi – which one is the best bed for you?

The Leander Baby and Junior Bed
Danish Stig Leander found the inspiration to design a cot when a family member received twins. It had to be functional, sleek and contemporary to fit into the Scandinavian home. And not only does it look stylish, the Leander is truly value for money too! It’s a baby bed and junior bed in one, a bed that will grow with your child.

Start by using the bed with the bottom and sides placed in baby position. When your baby starts to move around, lower the bottom of the bed. When you child is ready to get out of bed unassisted, you can remove the sides of the bed. When the bed becomes too short, simply change the sides and base of the bed with the junior kit that is included when purchasing the Leander. You now have a 70×150 cm junior bed. When the bed no longer is used as a bed, it can be used as a smart sofa in the teenage room or elsewhere in your home. In total the Leander has 5 steps or functions if you like, as seen below.






Measurements & Specifications
The Leander baby and junior bed is recommended from newborn up to age 7 years. Full dimensions are:
Baby bed: H: 94 cm, W: 70 cm, L: 120 cm / Junior bed: H: 54,4 cm, W: 70 cm, L: 150 cm
The base has two height positions and the sides are removable and you can choose from 4 colours; white, whitewash, walnut and grey.

Price £695. Not included in the price is the baby and junior mattress, mattress topper, sheets, bumper and guard rails for the junior bed. You can find your nearest Leander retailer at leander.com

The Stokke Sleepi – Crib, cot, toddler and junior bed.


Launched in 1999, the award winning Sleepi by the Norwegian company Stokke is beautiful to look at and designed to make the transition into the world a softer experience for your newborn child. The cot is oval in design, with soft curves, and no rough edges or corners. A big plus is that Stokke Sleepi Mini is fitted with lockable wheels that allow you to easily move your crib to accompany you into different rooms within your home. The base has adjustable height position which makes it easier to lift your baby, before lowering it as soon as they become more moveable. The sides are removable, so you can open it up. For an extra cost the bed can also be extended to create a Junior Bed – ad the bed could last up to approx. 10 years. When outgrown use as a daybed or transform it into two stylish chairs.



Measurements & Specifications
The Stokke Sleepi Crib is recommended from newborn up to age 3 years. Full dimensions for the baby crib are: H: 34 cm, W: 29, L: 50 cm / The Baby bed H: 86 cm, W: 74 cm, L: 127 cm
If you buy the Junior extension as extra the measurements are

The base has adjustable height positions with one the side being removable. Choose from 3 colours; white, natural, walnut brown.

Price £575. Not included in the price is the junior extension. This can be bought separately at £70. Also available as extras is the baby and junior mattress, mattress cover, sheets, drape rod and canopy (used for the cot). You can find your nearest Stokke retailer at stokke.com We also recommend reading the review of the Stokke Mini Crib, which tells you a bit about the design and quality, at apartmenttherapy.com

Summary Leander Cot vs Stokke Sleepi
Stokke has the Junior extension as extra (not included in the price), a factor to take into account when considering the two. Leander has the Junior extension included in the price. Furthermore, the length of the junior bed varies, with Leander being 150cm long and recommended up to age 7 years and the Stokke is 172cm long and recommended up to age 10 years. Stokke has only 3 colours to choose from, whereas Leander has 4, to match your overall interior scheme. Another important functional difference is the wheels on the Stokke Sleepi which many tends to appreciate as you can move the cot with you around the house. Quality wise they are both known to be exceptional.

To narrow it down for you, here are the pros and cons.

Stokke +
– When purchasing the extra junior kit, the bed lasts longer than Leander, recommended up to age 10, with a total length of the bed being 172cm.
– On wheels, and can easily be moved from room to room.
– Sweet canopy option available, as extra, for the baby cot.
– Can be made into two chairs when not in use as a bed.

Stokke –
– The Junior extension is not included in the price, but needs to be bought separately.
– Less colours to choose from

Leander +
– The Junior extension is included in the price.
– Several stages to devlop the bed to suit your child, from baby to a older child, with 5 different stages.
– Can be made into a sofa when not in use as a bed.

Leander –
– Just a little bit more expensive than the Stokke Sleepi, even when taking the extra junior kit for the Stokke into consideration.
– Total length is 150cm, recommended for up to age 7 years, not as big as Stokke Sleepi.

What do you think?
We want to know, what you think and which one of these two baby beds you’d prefer? And what you think is important when choosing a cot for your newborn? Do share your thoughts and any experience you may have by leaving a comment below!

On a side note: Stokke used to be a Norwegian company, but was in 2013 sold to a South Korean company to expand further growth. We would still regard the Sleepi to be a fine example of Scandinavian design furniture for children.

20 thoughts on “Leander Cot versus Stokke Sleepi

  1. Dear Ann. From what I can find the Leander baby cot has the dimensions 70 x 120 cm (with the mattress on sale being 66 x 116 cm), where as the Stokke Sleepi measures 50 x 127 cm. So, no, it doesn’t look like it will fit. Have you been in touch with Leander to find your nearest retailer? Best, Bianca

  2. Hi. I’m wondering whether Stokke’s baby cot mattress will fit into the Leander Classic cot? Leander accessories are not easily available where I live and I’m looking for another alternative.

  3. We love our Leander furniture, our son is 6 months old now. We were deciding between the Leander and Stokke and we are happy we choose Leander.

    We have the Leander cot, chest of drawers, changing pad “matty” (expensive but worth it) and high chair.

    The pieces are not only beautiful but they are well made, thoughtfully designed and functional. It’s not clunky and fit perfectly in our 2 bedroom flat in central London, where we have limited space.

    What we like about this cot is that the top of the headboard and footboard can be taken down when the cot is transitioned to a bed so that it feels more like a bed. The Stokke sides stays up and it reminds me of a cage.

    I know this thread is about the cot but we just got our Leander high chair yesterday and OMG, it’s amazing. We liked the Stokke too but the Leander has a cleaner look and is less clunky…which is important to us…space.

  4. Dear Diana. Thank you for sharing your personal experience with us! And I think you are right! It’s more down to personal taste than anything else. Best wishes, Bianca x

  5. Hi, I was just googling for a stokke accessory and stumbled upon this post (I know it’s older bug people google like I do so why not add another mom’s opinion right?).

    So I had both leander and stokke. My first child prefered staying in the ’round bed’, stokke. Having had both I find the cosiness of stokke more appealing. It’s simple and functional and once converted to junior size one can choose from a lower and higher setting which is a good thing. Some kids do tend to fall out of bed more then others I guess. Also, on the higher setting it gets that ‘couch’ feel I noticed kids like. Not to mention the egg shape makes it cosy and my daughter sees it more as girly I guess then the usual boring big people bed..well bed:) Leander is more sleek and it sure looks sturdy and that could be attractive, but personally not my taste anymore.

  6. I always wanted a Stokke Sleepi for my son but couldn’t afford one, when his daughter was born I bought one to keep at Farmor’s house. It is beautiful, the mini crib is perfect for a tiny baby, and can be wheeled between rooms as necessary. I’m just about to convert it into the cot size as my little granddaughter is growing too tall for the mini. I used the Stokke sheets for the mini but I’m making fitted Jersey sheets for the cot. My son’s old cot blankets will fit it until she is old enough for a duvet.

  7. Hi Leah. Please contact Leander directly to find your nearest retailer. Best wishes, Bianca x

  8. Hi Little Scandinavian,
    We represent Leander in Australia and upon reading your summary of the Leander Cot & Bed I wanted to correct a detail that I think is important. The Leander Cot is 120cm long but with your purchase you get the junior extension kit which extends the bed to 150cm for the older child. It may be worth pointing out that this kit comes with the cot unlike Stokke where you have to purchase it as an accessory. Another point worth noting is that the Leander Bed loses the high ends once converted to junior bed whereas the Stokke Sleepi doesn’t. From an older child’s perspective he/she is sleeping in a real bed and not in a converted cot. I hope you will find these comments useful.

  9. We have the sleepi and we used it for both of our childrem and hope to use it for the next two! My son is currently still in it and it has served us well. They both loved it as babies in the mini and it was great being able to move it around so easily. It was also brilliant for bed training as you just take one side off to convert it into the toddler bed which for our daughter didn’t seem like a big deal as it was still her same cot but without one side on. We also have the stokke care which was a last minute buy and one of the best nursery items we have brought. We are definitely stokke lovers with 2 tripp trapp’s as well and I’d love to get the new newborn set for the next one!

  10. We had Stokke Sleepi cot from Mini Cot upwards.

    As a cot it was great. My only complaint as a cot was that due to the shape of the cot, all sheets had to bought from Stokke which were quite expensive. I found an alternative that was less expensive that were being made in organic cotton by Green Baby for the Stokke cot but they stopped manufacturing these quite a while ago.

    When my son was ready for the cot to be changed into the bed, it just seemed quite small and uncomfortable so we ended up investing in a proper bed and mattress from Habitat. Much bigger and comfier but more money spent when we had paid a lot for the cot thinking that we would get many more years use out of it. The Stokke Sleepi does however have a great resale value so we did recoup some money back from it’s sale.

  11. Hi Anna and thank you for commenting! Perhaps I should do a Slyngevuggen versus the Leandervuggen, which were the one I was desperate to buy when I had my second child. 🙂 Slyngevuggen looks fantastic too. Happy Friday and lots of love from Little Scandinavian in London x

  12. They both look beautiful, and I wondered about trying them for my child. Instead I chose Slyngevuggen, and I have never regretted it. It is lightweight, can easily be moved from room to room, and is perfect as a travel cot. My son slept there for all his daytime naps inside , and during most nights until he was 6 months. Until he was 18 months I used it to make him fall asleep, and he can still relax there from time to time (he is now 2,5 years)

    Of course it doesn’t last as long as the other beds, but I don’t know how I would have managed without it during that crazy first year.

    More info here:

  13. That’s what I think too. After my opinion the Stokke Sleepi is a Danish Functionalism at it’s best and the Leander Cot is proper contemporary design. There’s a fine line there, and it is as you say, only your taste that matters. x

  14. I’ve had the Leander cradle, not the cot though, and the Stokke Sleepi for my kids. I can confirm that both brands are solid and offer a very high quality, the main question is which one do you find visual beautiful, both are really good buys.

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