City Break, Copenhagen

Denmark’s capital Copenhagen is probably one of my favourite cities in Europe. Excellent for interior design, shoes and clothing shops, vintage and second hand treasures, traditional Danish lunches and extraordinary Michelin restaurants.
Copenhagen is a very children friendly city too. You have places reserved on buses and trains for pushchairs, kids menus in restaurants, and reduced entrance at all museums, galleries and entertainments. Kids are indeed fully incorporated into the everyday life of the city, which makes Copenhagen a perfect city for visiting for families.
A must visit attraction is the Tivoli, website, a old style circus for both kids and their parents, offering both the fun of the fair, the peacefulness of a park and it has a nostalgic and classy feel to it. We’ll be taking the girls for the first time this summer and are very much looking forward to it!

What’s on of attractions and offers in Copenhagen, in addition to the super friendly locals:

Nyhavn is the perfect place to enjoy a stroll, a drink and a al fresco dining during the warm summer months.

Shopping in Copenhagen is no disappointment with an outstanding selection in both Scandinavian and international designers within fashion and design. As you probably guessed -I was looking for children’s clothes and design and found out to my luck that most shops still had a sale in February.

Copenhagen is exceptional in the way the city includes children in everyday city life in a very natural way, with nurseries, playgrounds and families to be seen everywhere including this bicycle carriage transport for little people.

A city with heritage yet contemporary and spectacular.

Fine dining on all corners so no reason to despair if you can’t manage to get a table at the worlds best restaurant, Noma. We visited Geranium, website a world class restaurant next to Noma. We also fell in love with a slightly less posh Restaurant Grønnegade website in 2001 and was happy to return 10 years later only to find out that the food and atmosphere is as good as always.

Copenhagen is a vibrant and modern city. Great for shopping, culture and dining. In other words a perfect destination for your next city break.

Little Scandinavian visited Copenhagen in February. Even for being a Scandinavian it was a rather chilly experience. We recommend going between May-September or for visiting the famous Copenhagen Christmas Market in December. Visit Copenhagen, website

11 thoughts on “City Break, Copenhagen

  1. Definitely in my top 3 of European cities! I too went in February (this year) and it was freeezing!! Still it was a great weekend where I totally overdosed on interior design and vintage shopping. Seemed very child-friendly indeed with prams parked outside every cafe! Can’t wait to go back (with hubby and new baby, due this December).

  2. We stayed at the Crown Plaza. But would check Trip Advisor for more central options next time.

  3. I am planning a secret gateway for may family and would love to know where you stayed ! So many options, and no clue whatsoever !

  4. This is definitely a place we’d love to visit! I’ve heard nothing but good things about this place and I’d love to see all that Danish design!

  5. One of my favourite cities in the world. Was there this time last year (without children) and it was so lovely. Stayed at Hotel 71 Nyhavn and enjoyed fabulous shopping, street food and entertainment. My daughters want to come next time – I think I owe it to them! (Maybe stock up on Autumn/Winter clothing….)

  6. We’re so excited too, to bring the girls with us! Tivoli and vintage shopping -here we come!

  7. Perfect timing 🙂
    We have been to Copenhagen some years ago, no kids…
    I cant wait to go back because I love this city, it will be a short stay so we will see if we head to Tivoli or not….

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