Sweet Strawberry Girl

It’s nothing like wild strawberries, this small and deliciously sweet fruit. Did you know that wild strawberries also known as woodland strawberries are part of the rose family? Since ancient times children would pick the fruits and string them on a blade of straw and sell them as straws of berries. This is something a lot of children still do today.

Ready to be picked in July there is still some time but how about making the strawberry season a bit longer with a beautiful strawberry dress, hat and frilly pant set by Swedish design label Franka? With it’s delicious print and feminine cut all the pieces in this set has a vintage feel. Making you long back to lazy and warm summers of your childhood, where you would pick strawberries and then eat them while lying comfortably in soft grass, looking at the skies and trying to see faces in them. Sweet memories.

Frilly pants £17.70, dress £36, bonnet £17.70 all by Franka Stockholm. Available in the UK at www.scandinavianminimall.co.uk

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