Give your child the camera

It can be quite interesting to see the result after giving the camera to your child. We have actually handed down our outdated cameras to the girls and they love taking pictures. Mostly of their toys, their room and of each other.
But now and then they end up taking pictures that I truly love and treasure. It’s something about the angle it’s taken from that makes it unusual. They also don’t mind taking pictures of objects less perfect and at the same time with a great focus.
It’s fearless photography with a real life approach.

Little B captured this picture as we were on our way for a weekend trip. She also photographed a Donald Duck magazine lying open on her lap and a snap shot of a sleeping little sister next to her in the back seat of the car. But I really love the picture of us in the car. It’s us together as a family, on our way to a fun outing and it’s something about the contrast, colours and composition combined. It’s simply a marvellous shot that I could not have done any better myself.

4 thoughts on “Give your child the camera

  1. Great picture!

    Älskade också att ta bilder när jag var liten, bra ide, ska nog också ge barnen en kamera =)

  2. So perfect! I love kid’s point of views… My K loves to take photos too.. mostly of half your face, your feet, etc. lol!

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