Children’s fashion from MummyMoon’s creative world

I’m super excited to share a new discovery with you! Via the Bubble blog I found new brand Mummymoon, a Norwegian children’s design company, that is to be exhibiting for the first time in the UK at Bubble London.

The Mummymoon team consist of Ieva and her two year old daughter, Domicele. All design and production is happening on a small island outside Bergen, on the West coast of Norway. In addition to the very beautiful toddler, Domicele, Ieve is inspired by the picturesque and peaceful surroundings where they live.

Ieve does all by herself; sketching, sewing, photographing and selling the clothes for the children within the Etsy community. Her simple yet so fashionable design, catering for newborn and up to 4 year olds, has turned out to be so popular that she’s now launching it to the broader marked.

The design is mainly in subtle colours, with lots of details in a truly unique style.

You can see the collection at Bubble London June 2011 or find out more at

2 thoughts on “Children’s fashion from MummyMoon’s creative world

  1. Nice collection of children’s clothes.Its help to moms for doing shopping for there kids.thanks for information

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