Formal baby wear for boys

A friend asked for clothing advice for her baby son’s upcoming naming ceremony. She wants him to look his best as it’s his big day but at the same time he is only a few months old so she wants him to stay comfortable.
I suggested a fine knit stripy dungaree in pastel and neutral colours from New facts / Claire Kids matched together with smart soft leather baby shoes from Pom Pom Sko. Wear it with a soft cotton long sleeved polo t shirt or a plain shirt and a cardigan, perhaps dark grey, to pick up the beige in the dungarees and as a contrast to the silver shoes.
We love the details, like the little blue star shaped buttons on the dungaree and the shoes that reminds me of Classic Brogue style. So smart! Congratulations on your naming day, dear Adrian!

4 thoughts on “Formal baby wear for boys

  1. I’ve emaild Pom Pom Sko, and do hope someone from them will get in touch with you as soon as possible to redirect you to the nearest store. I do know stock Pom Pom, and that they have more in store than online. It might be worth sending Kidsen an email too?
    Best of luck -those shoes are so cool! x

  2. hi im a mom-to-be with a boy i been trying for 45mins to order these silver soft boys pom pom sko shoes can any1 help me please telling me where i can get them thank you

  3. Adrian is a very popular name in Norway and I love the sound of it. Suits the little baby boy I know! x

  4. great choice and Adrian is such a nice name. I have a friend called Adrian and he does not like it…every time I see him I try to convince him that he really “wears” a great name…:)
    the colour combo of that suit is really cool too…

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