The more chefs, the more mess. Or more pink?

Our girls loves helping out in the kitchen, beating eggs for pancakes etc. Oh, and the scale! They love measuring. The girls Reception teacher told us that actually helping out in the kitchen is practical maths. So lot’s of reasons for allowing them to join in.
I think the girls would have loved the hot pink butterfly scale by Rice. Not to sure what theScandinavianDad thinks about it though, even if he did state recently that we need a new scale.
We have a Norwegian, or at least Nordic saying: “The more chefs, the more mess.” In this case I think it’s more “The more chefs, the more pink.”
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What can the children help out with?
– gather all ingredients
– open packages
– measure, weigh, count spoons or cups.
– pour, mix and stir liquids and ingredients
– wash, peel and tear fruit and vegetables
– set the table
– tidy up in the kitchen
You may be surprised at how simple things can be both interesting and enjoyable for the kids. I remember my grandfather always said that the ones that did the washing up had the cleanest hands -and I loved doing it and was really proud of my clean hands.

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