Marimekko Concept Store Copenhagen and a new dress for the summer

Yesterday I walked past this fantastic shop in Copenhagen, located in Gammel Mรธnt only 2 minutes walk from Kongens Nytorv.

The Marimekko Concept Store in Copenhagen opened in 2009 is almost like a design institution well worth a visit for all with a love for Nordic design.
You can find cool stationary, fabrics in all colour combinations, clothes for both adults and children in addition to various of interior items. It’s the perfect place to pick up a gift to a friend or loved one.

The Finnish design company are known for their timeless flower print and functional design pieces for the whole family. We think the versatile Marimekko Unikko poppy print fabric is simply brilliant. My favourite beach bag is in blue Unikko, we have kitchen accessories in black and today I came across over at the lovely blog I just love that fabric a new lovely fresh colour combination, made into the perfect spring summer dress over at Amelie in Wonderland. Visit her blog to see more picture and to get some inspiration. There is also complete instructions on how you can make the summer dress yourself, if you’re feeling brave.
Marimekko is known for their high quality. The fabric is no exception. Like the beach bag I mentioned was given as a present almost 10 years ago, and even after too many times being filled up with wet beach wear and sandy towels it looks like new.

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Photo 1 and 2: Marimekko Copenhagen
Photo girls dress: Amelie in Wonderland blog

4 thoughts on “Marimekko Concept Store Copenhagen and a new dress for the summer

  1. This was to our luck open the 1st Sunday every month. But I must admit that in general the opening times in Copenhagen wasn’t very accommodating for someone used to shopping in London.

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