Traditional children’s party

Little A had two birthday invitations for this weekend. Yesterday’s party was a traditionally pass-the-parcel-birthday party. Little A wore a traditional smock dress by Powell Craft yesterday. And with her she brought a little present wrapped in simple wrapping paper made beautiful when themed with a greeting card from Belle & Boo. Both British brands worth checking out.

Today’s party was a football party, so all beautiful party dresses were left in the closet whilst little fashionista left the house wearing Nova Star from top to toe.

7 thoughts on “Traditional children’s party

  1. My K would love this dress too. Your daughter is so pretty!
    Love the hair do. : ) Football party for girls.. now that’s

  2. The mum’s were really taken by the Belle & Boo style. I think vintage inspired products is probably something that does touches many of us.

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