Iglo for Kids in the Spring

Iglo Kids Clothing was founded in 2008 by the Icelandic designer Helga Olafsdóttir and her friend Lovisa Olafsdottir. There is a world wide and exotic inspiration behind the collection for spring summer 2011; the beautiful cherry blossom, the colourful houses of Key West and the Bahamas, exotic birds and of course playful and active children.

It’s all in the details

And Ígló is into the details; bows, buttons and ruffles upon ruffles for girls and contrast stitching and grandpa’s elbow patches for boys. The entire collection is a mix of bright and subtle colours, quite successfully done. I must say that this is one of the brands where I do prefer the boys clothing. It’s something very urban, yet playful.

Iglo kids at CPH Kids

I’m excited about getting to know this brand a bit better at CPH Kids in February. I will report my findings.

Until then I do hope hope you’ll enjoy the pictures of their current collection.

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One thought on “Iglo for Kids in the Spring

  1. I love the styling of these! I’m already starting to look for spring/summer dresses for my daughter now.. so it’s great seeing these new collections.. thanks so much!

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