Healthy option in the cake sale

It was Beatrice’s class cake sale today. These cake sales are fund raising events towards the PTA fund, which is all fine. My trouble is the cakes (especially the ready made cup cakes). It’s certainly nothing I want the girls to have except at parties, and these cake sale seems to pop up a bit more frequently than what I would have liked them to do. Cakes and sweets are fine, but only at special occasions. We don’t think it’s part of a healthy diet. We also keep the old tradition with Saturday Sweets.
Anyway. I came up with a healthy option. What do you think?
Not exactly all seasonal products and indeed locally sourced from the nearest Supermarket. But even so, a freshly prepared healthy option in today’s cake sale.

One thought on “Healthy option in the cake sale

  1. Vilken bra ide! Tycker också att det bli på tok för mycket godis/fika. Så här har barnen sockeruppehåll mellan jul och påsk. Med undantag för födelsedagar ; )

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