Warm and dry with wool underwear

I couldn’t help thinking about wool today. It was drizzling on the way to school and properly pouring on my way back home. Luckily I was dressed in wool, so I stayed comfortable, warm and dry.
With weather like what we have now it’s nothing more comfortable than wool or wool mix underwear. For our children as well.
I spoke with a pregnant friend on the phone this morning. She was listing up her shopping list of baby gear that she want to have sorted before the little one arrives. We were discussing newborn clothes and she was asking questions like “How many baby grows do I need to start off with” etc. And my mind kept wandering off, again thinking off wool.
I think the following would be on my shopping list for any newborn; Wool underwear from Norwegian brand Lilli & Leopold. Soft organic merino wool. So comfortable with such a sweet expression. When only the best is good enough.

Photo: Lilli & Leopold

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