20th of December, winner of Maileg Christmas design

There will be 3 lucky winners today, winning the following

The winner of the “Do the dishes” tea-towel by Maileg is Daisy-Mae Bee, congratulations!

The winner of the “Aebelskiver” tea-towel by Maileg is Ingrid, congratulations!

The winner of the gift Bags x 9 by Maileg is Gemma, congratulations!

About the North Rock Gallery
North Rock Gallery is run by couple Mark Sinclair and Suzanne Shearer, the Gallery and shop opened its doors in May 2009 and launched its online website in July 2010.

North Rock Gallery is located in the Shetland Isles, Scotland, the most northerly cluster of islands in the British isles, they are as close to Bergen in Norway as they are to Aberdeen and the islands inhabitants are proud of their Scandinavian heritage. It comes as no surprise then that North Rock Gallery is full of Scandinavian design delights with products sourced from Norwegian, Swedish and Danish design brands such as Blafre, Sagaform, Rice DK, Maileg and Isak.
For more information about the North Rock Gallery, the gallery and the shop have a look at www.northrockgallery.co.uk

39 thoughts on “20th of December, winner of Maileg Christmas design

  1. I’ll just leave it all up to my girlfriend. Ok, I’ll help a little around the decorations and to amuse our daughter while she’s preparing the dinner.

  2. Have Asda Christmas delivery tomorrow, if snow does not cancel it!
    Most presents ordered and arrived, accept for a few, fingers crossed!
    Christmas tree up and decorated.
    A quiet Christmas at home with family.

  3. dare I say I once collected teatowels many years ago, will i start again, little scandinavian, you decide…lol

  4. I love the build up to Christmas , I love all the parcels and the secrets. I started way back in November so I am almost ready but I am always on the look out for a last minute extra present and this stuff is so cute I may be tempted.

  5. I love Maileg. I lived in Copenhagen for a few and loved their stuff. I wish The North Rock Gallery was closer.
    Christmas preps are halfway done. Waiting on presents through the post so that is a worry and now a friend has just sent presents for my kids when we said we weren’t exchanging gifts this year

  6. Not too bad so far – just need to be able to get to the supermarket and get the food, (Except the kids are ill and its snowing heavily!) Maybe fishfingers wont be too bad!

  7. It was all going fine until the snow hit. Three days later and we’re still snowed in and all the pipes are frozen! I have a bath full of water that won’t drain, a toilet that doesn’t flush and a kitchen sink that overflows! I’d ordered presents weeks ago, but with the snow elsewhere, they must have been backlogged, and now the postie cannot get within miles of my house! Christmas is definitely going to be interesting this year…. 😀

  8. over half of the christmas shopping done i do have a crisis though no table and chairs so i might not be able to have a christmas dinner at home might have to go the parents: – ((

  9. Lovely looking designs.

    Just waiting for one more parcel to be delivered through the snow and then everything is complete – but the snow in Cardiff has stopped all deliveries! Eek. Fingers crossed as it’s my husbands ‘main’ present.

  10. All the presents are wrapped and everything posted that needed to be. Still have to do the food shopping for perishables. Decorations are up so we are nearly there, thank goodness. 🙂

  11. Got the final pressies through the post this morning thanks to my postie braving my road! Just need to hope that the snow holds off so I can make it up to my family!

  12. These look like fun!

    I’m almost ready. Just need to get my parents’ present bought (know what I’m going to get) and buy some chocolates. 🙂

  13. Hi, I want to enter.

    I’m nearly ready for Xmas – all the presents are wrapped, the cat dropped off at my in laws, one of the traditional Norwegian (pre)Xmas meal was eaten during the weekend, we’re about to decant the Xmas snaps (home made) and Thursday we’ll take the ferry from Denmark to Norway where we’ll (my husband and me) will celebrate Xmas with my family – so I expect my mums angel choir to be set up when we arrive Xmas eve morning.

    So excited – can’t wait!

  14. We decided, well I did it for the whole family actually, not to complicate around gifts this year – budget limit per gift is 15 EUR – no more! So a giant relief on this one. And we are going home to Slovenia (from Denmark) for holidays so we’re ready to be pampered and get everything done for us 😀 Maybe I’ll help my mom stir a bit when making Christmas dinner…

  15. everything done i think, even remembered the carrots for the reindeer & managed get some work shoes in the sale today!

  16. Hardley ready, most of the present been done online, really can’t be bothered ist christmas without husband, just hope children are ok,
    need to start on wrapping, sill all in amazon boxes

  17. Still need to finish wrapping and need to get some back up food in case we are snowed in for Christmas rather than going to relatives!

  18. Love these tea towels – very cute. I am in present-wrapping hell, I love wrapping ‘grown-up’ presents so I can get all arty with the wrapping and ribbons, but I am now on kids’ present number 41 and it’s got a little BORING! All be worth it on Christmas day though! Merry Christmas everyone x

  19. Luckily I’ve managed to buy the bulk of food in advance so I will just need to buy perishable items. Everything’s else is all ready. The question is, will the family manage to get here?!

  20. Weather has put my routine back by about 10 days but the turkey is coming wednesday and I will finish off my shopping then, hopefully

  21. still the usual last minute presents and food purchases to do. currently in bed with a cold though so it’ll all have to wait! Looking at all the lovely things on here is cheering me up!

  22. I am not doing very well, not yet at least. I still have school work that needs to be done, thats why. But I have bought all the gifts, that helps. Now I am looking forward to turning in the last exams, and then trying to do as much as possible before we leave to go to my moms house to celebrate christmas.

  23. Let’s just say I’m hoping the postie and delivery vans are able to get here this week, or there’ll be quite a few things being bought from the corner store (luckily Father Christmas has my 3 year old sorted, and my 6 month old is pretty undemanding).

  24. Howdy. I’m doing great. I have organised my christmas pretty well this year. I have ordered all the fish and meat I want. And am going to wrap the pressies this evening with a glass of blackberry brandy. We aren’t having turkey,we are going to smoke some fish in a smoker I have bought for my hubby for christmas which will be a surprise to him. Just need to do the rest of the food shop which will happen on Thursday. It’s my little girls first Christmas so am really looking forward to it this year. Merry Crimboxxxxxxxxxxx

  25. I’m doing quite well with the preparations for Christmas so far, just trying now to get the timings right for defrosting the turkey and hoping that all the kids present piles will look roughly the same size because I’m all out of money!

  26. Such a great shop and what a location, WOW!
    I’m really lucky this year as I am spending Christmas at the grandparents’ house in the southern hemisphere! No preparations to worry about whatsoever (I did help decorating the tree though!) I even got the pressies before travelling, well done me!! But where’s the snow???

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