Welcome a new decade in children’s fashion and design

The wonderful Pirouette blog has a nice summary of the world of children’s fashion of the decade we are about to leave behind. They have interviewed a few key people from around the world within the children’s industry to give us their thoughts.

Jenny Dalton, Journalist (The independent) and e-store/magazine owner Little Big, UK says: “I think children should be able to reflect their own personalities in what they wear and be comfortable rather than ‘fashionable’. I really hate the marketing of children’s lines that are really just reduced versions of adult lines – no thought involved / no special attention given to kids.”

Brands that are mentioned for having original and great design are Swedish labels Popupshop, Mini Rodini, Playsam and Danish labels Lucky Boy Sunday and Soft Gallery and the Norwegian run US based fashion label Appaman.

Lindsay Hoyes, Event Director, Bubble London UK highlights the importance of slow fashion “Clothes to be treasured and handed down from this decade to the next”

Read the full article at Pirouetteblog.com

Photo: Popupshop

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