How to make the Christmas shopping enjoyable

Does Christmas shopping really have to be manic and stressful? Or could you possibly turn it into an enjoyable event?

I think the most important thing is to be prepared. What are you buying? Brew yourself a big cup of tea and make a list in the evening. Then find out where you can get what you need. Do as much as possible of your shopping online -you can do it when it suits you and you get it delivered to your door. Then check what’s left on your list and find out when you’ll be able to visit the different shops. Try to visit your local independent shop not only to support the community but they offer often a far more personal and relaxed shopping experience. And they are often situated next to a local deli or cafe where you can grab a bite.
And last but not least: Don’t try to do too many chores in one go and don’t bring the kids. You’ll be far more efficient on your own!

I would have loved doing my Christmas shopping in a shop like Bansull in Drammen if I were in Norway. Pictures from their lovely shop shows comfortable organic wear from Lilleba, super cute felt shoes from Clemente Copenhagen and handmade knitted gloves.
They’ve got so many nice things that I think I wouldn’t only found most things on my list but also truly enjoyed the shopping experience.

What is your favourite local shop you’ll be visiting for your Christmas shopping? Please share and write a comment!

Photo: Bansull

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