Petit by Sofie Schnoor autumn winter 2010

Yes, we still love Danish fashion designer Sofie Schnoor! Especially after seeing her subtle and nostalgic collection;
Petit by Sofie Schnoor autumn winter 2010.

Sofie Schnoor was originally a shoe designer, hence the great selection of trendy footwear. We find the entire collection being a mix of the pure and simple look with raw details that’s so trendy now.
All products are made using only long-lasting, soft materials of high quality with no use of fabricated or artificial materials.

I really did try to be selective, but just had to show you and share these beautiful pieces.
To see more: visit Petit by Sofie Schnoors website

Photos: Petit by Sofie Schnoor

One thought on “Petit by Sofie Schnoor autumn winter 2010

  1. Their website is adorable and so are their collections. I’m sharing this with my aunt. She’d love to buy her daughter that shirt with the ruffles. Too cute!

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