Scandinavian Advent Calendars 2010

Maileg Pixie Advent Calendar
Gorgeous Maileg pixie in red advent dress or grey dungarees, numbered for each day of advent with pockets big enough for small treats or gifts. The 2010 pixies have a row of buttons all the way down the front of their dresses/dungarees. These advent calendars are a smart investment: they brighten up your Christmas home and will last for generations. Size: 150 cm(!) tall.

Price £66 at

Ferm Living Advent Calendar
Black Calendar made of decorative wall stickers, easy to create a new look and change the style of a room in a matter of minutes. Use the post-its included in the package to personalise the calendar. You can also write on the sticker with chalk.
Size: 100 x 98 cm Material: vinyl
We think this calendar will make the perfect advent calendar, with small notes about hidden treats and surprises. And brilliant as a family organizer for the rest of the year!

Price EUR 80.40 at

LEGO® City Advent Calendar
Unwrap an adventure during the first 24 days of December! Countdown to Christmas with a new LEGO® City minifigures, vehicle or accessory every morning! Includes 24 LEGO City themed gifts, including 6 minifigures, a Christmas tree, fireplace and Santa’s train set.

Price £24.99 at

Maileg Chocolate Advent Calendar
Divine Milk Chocolate Advent Calendar from Danish design company Maileg. Scandinavian style advent calendar with fun and festive illustrations, Santa on his sledge with reindeer, Santa skiing, sledging, dancing and decorating the big Christmas Three, by Dorthe Mailils, all filled with delicious Swiss quality chocolate from Lindt.

Price £7 at

Or do it the true Scandinavian way; with a home made Advent Calendar! That’s what we do every year. I’ll start to buy little things, treats and toys, here and there early November. I’ll wrap them in and label them with a number 1 – 24. Sometimes the grandparents help out by donating a few finds too.
Our Advent Calendar is made with one Santa in each end to fasten on the wall and a thread filled with 24 wooden pegs. As the days goes empty pegs is filled up again with all the decorative Christmas cards we receive.

Hope you’ll find a Advent Calendar that you and your child can enjoy. Remember there is less than a month left before it needs to be sorted, best of luck!

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