Ver de Terre AW10

It’s already snowing in parts of Norway! Officially the 14th of November is the first day of winter and that has once again proven to be right! As we’ll be going to winter wonder land for half term we will need proper outerwear!
Ver de Terre is the Danish brand for excellence in outwear, since 1993. The outerwear is light, comfortable and easy to wear. They are designed so that children can concentrate on what’s important: having fun and move around freely.

Functionality, durability and safety are the hallmarks of their products. For childrens’ safety, hoods are detachable
and have no laces or strings. We think Ver de Terre outerwear is top of the line! Visit

Available in the UK at and or from Denmark

Photo: Ver de Terre

2 thoughts on “Ver de Terre AW10

  1. I know! Me too. But as this really is of the highest quality the price level on the items doesn’t invite to impulse shopping. On the positive side you do get a lot for your money as the clothing is both classic in style and keeps well, so you can pass it on to younger siblings or friends.
    I’m having my eye on the purple coat -it’s simply divine!

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