Freoli AW10

The Freoli children’s wear label was established in 1999 in Denmark by the sisters Camilla and Henriette Lysgaard.

Freoli has it’s unique style: functional clothes made by the influence of Scandinavian heritage and nostalgia mixed with quite a funky style using spectacular colours and patterns.
They work intensively with the development of patterns and prints, and each season these features find a new expression and can be seen throughout the collection as allover print or as small, fine details where you least expect them.

Photo: Freoli

2 thoughts on “Freoli AW10

  1. I couldn’t quite agree with myself wether Freoli has their inspiration only from the gypsies and the hippies. In some of the clothing I also see details that reminds me about “bunad” and even “samekofte”!
    Do you agree?!

  2. Love the colors and the life in this pictures….and happy kids in lovely clothes are never wrong:))))
    How clever are the danes with design????!!!!!!

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