Must have accessorie for this autumn

Petit Nord is situated in Copenhagen, Denmark, owned and managed by Danish designer Jane Dencker Larsen, has since 1998 designed exclusive clothes and accessories for children aged from 0-16y.

The basis of Petit Nord’s children’s wear and accessories are pure natural materials. The simplicity of Scandinavian design is expressed in all their products in a combined raw and romantic style that suits children and characterizes Petit Nord’s unique designs. Everything is produced in high quality and small exclusive numbers in the EU in compliance with EU regulations, as the environmental considerations are one of the basic values of Petit Nord.

We think this little pilot helmet in leather would compliment many outfits and would be both cool and warming on those chilly autumn days. Choose between red, black, brown, beige, turqoise or as shown grey or lilac.

Available in the UK from at £53

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