Happiness in a bag

Four new collections every year reflecting trends and fashion, where every piece is threaded by hand, where every pearl or gem stone is living material that makes each piece unique.

Playfulness and charm, but above all happiness is Baglady’s trademark. Naturally combined with a sense of fashion, they don’t settle for humble solutions. Baglady is everything but modest.

Our Little Scandinavian came home from her holiday in Sweden with a stunning piece, a necklace that truly caught our attention. And even more, she had brought another little bag of happiness for her little sister.

These handmade Scandinavian design jewellery for children (and adults) is clearly of high quality and indeed very well made. And as a bonus the design is as lovely as a bouquet of fresh flowers.

To see more happiness visit www.baglady.se or contact info@baglady.se to find your nearest retailer.

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