5 tips on children’s fashion this autumn

Leading Danish stylist Quinee Balsov, the house-stylist of CPH kids August 2010, offers 5 tips on children’s fashion this autumn

1. Mix the two trends
The two trends “Color Play” and “Nature” can easily be mixed – but do it in moderation: for instance, a striped and colorful hat with a natural-colored set of clothes.

2. Give the outfit edge
Create contrasts and edge by combining the fine, romantic dress with a pair of rough, woolen stockings. Or combine striped trousers with a spotted blouse.

3. Let go of the reins and let the kids choose for themselves
With advantage, you can let your child choose the outfit themselves. Parents are often positively surprised by their kids’ sense of style. And particularly this fall, gaily-colored elements and ideas are super trendy.

4. Let kids be kids
Luckily, in Denmark we understand that first and foremost, kids’ clothing has to be practical and comfortable. Leave it that way: The clothes must fit the everyday life of the child – not the other way around.

5. Think sustainably
No matter whether you or your child goes for “Color Play” or “Nature”, it pays to think about sustainability. Second hand clothes is trendy – also for kids. And when you buy new, then go for high quality that can be passed on. It serves both the style and the environment.

Quinee Balsov is a kids’ stylist and has styled kids for many years. She has worked for a wide range of Danish kids’ magazines and is a regular stylist for CPH kids.
CPH kids is a children’s fashion fair for professionals. It takes place during Copenhagen Fashion Week.

Photo: Petit by Sofie Schnoor

One thought on “5 tips on children’s fashion this autumn

  1. These tips are fantastic and very realistic! I love letting my little girl choose her own outfit because then her personality always shines through! Anything super girly and frilly she’ll grab, which is why she loves Gigis Apparel flower headbands! They have these adorable little girl flower hats, headbands and hairclips, all of which add just the right touch of her personality to her outfit!

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