Street look London: Urban Jungle

We met this little fellow in a playground near Soho yesterday, extremely cute and adventures, playing imaginative games with a few new pigeon friends he had made.

Dressed very comfortable and yet with an understated urban style in danish clothes -in fact after a quick chat with his mum I found out they were danish!

This little guy was wearing a cool tshirt from Molo and shoes from Portuguese label RAP, a brand that has been available in Denmark for more than 30 years. I’m not quite sure about what jeans he was wearing, but I really liked the casual turn-up style.

How to get the look:

Any funky stripy or and bold print t-shirt from Katvig or Molo will work.
We recommend I Dig Denim or Rockefella jeans but any favourite comfy pair is perfect.
Choose leather sandals of good quality, like Angulus or Bisgaard.

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