There’s a fox in our garden

We are fortunate to have a large green shared garden in the middle of London. And it’s not only our neighbours we are sharing it with -there’s a fox in our garden too!
The fox is an opportunist which has adapted perfectly to urban and suburban environments. It will eat practically anything, like worms, beetles, berries, carrion, small rodents, rabbits and birds. Although an efficient predator, it is basically lazy and will not bother with elusive prey where scavenging might produce an easier meal. Larger items it takes and buries to insure against future hard times when food may be sparse.

Concern is sometimes expressed over “too many” foxes being present in an area. The population however is self regulating and limited by the amount of food and territory available. Cubs born simply replace the number of adults lost since the previous breeding season. Foxes are loners, not pack animals, and the family usually disperses by late autumn.
There are also concerns about diseases and also if they are a threat to people and their pets.

The Fox Project is a charity dedicated to the red fox, operating in parts of Kent, Surrey, East Sussex, West Sussex and South East London. If you too have a fox in your garden and have concerns or questions regarding it The Fox Project will might be able to help.

Photo: Danafae AW10

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