A midsummer’s night dream – Tina Wodstrup

Did you know that in Scandinavia we celebrate Midsummer – St.Hans with gathering around huge bonfires and singing traditional songs? The night of St. Hans was supposedly a night of magic. If, for instance, a young girl picked seven flowers and put them under her pillow, she would dream of her future husband. Read more about St Hans here norway.org

Danish designer Tina Wodstrup has since 2004 created functional and comfortable clothes for children up to 12 years with a romantic and nostalgic touch. Tina Wodstrup design is very much sought after in Scandinavia and is also available in Fenwick.

One thought on “A midsummer’s night dream – Tina Wodstrup

  1. Hihi di lure:)
    Dette var jo litt morsomt.Bare synd desse bildene,som faktisk er helt nydelige….ikke kommer opp mot alt det fine de hadde på den butikken vi var.Så masse skjønt fra Tina Woodstrup og Noa Noa til barn:)))
    Åå…kunne handlet barneklær i det uendelige…så masse fint som finnes altså!!!!!!!!!!!! :)))))
    Godt du “brings it out to the people” !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Klem 🙂

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