The Bridesmaid Dress

It is being reported by the Swedish press that Princess Ingrid Alexandra of Norway would be a bridesmaid at Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden’s wedding.

While neither the Swedish or Norwegian royal houses have confirmed this rumor it’s widely speculated that 6 year-old Ingrid Alexandra, first in line to the Norwegian throne, would be part of her godmother’s bridal party this June 19th. We are not only left with speculating whether she actually will take part or not but also what she might wear.

When her grandparents, the King and Queen of Norway got married in 1968 the bridesmaids wore quite controversial turquoise dresses. And when her parents, the Crown Prince and Crown Princess of Norway got wed i 2003 the bridesmaids wore cream and dusky pink dresses.

Maybe she’ll wear a simple and romantic dress, like the bridesmaid dress shown in the picture to the right from Danish occasion wear label Lilly.

Photo: Hope and Greenwood

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