Crazy about football (and Molo)

Danish Molo has created this gorgeous long sleeved soft cotton t-shirt for all boys (and girls) that just can’t get enough of football.

I don’t know about you but in our home the TV seems to be on (and please! please! FIFA; Ban those vuvuzela horns!) all the time and both girls and their dad seems to suffer from football fever.

6 thoughts on “Crazy about football (and Molo)

  1. The Molo football tee is fabulous. Any idea where I can purchase it from? I have searched on a few sites, they have Molo football tops, none with this design though. Thanks Ann-Marie

  2. Den var stilig til alle fotballgutter!!!!!! πŸ™‚ Love the design for all boys who loves football/soccer:)))
    ANd good timing…isnΒ΄t it the world championshipe these days?????

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