Pimp my ride by MiMA

I still remember covering up the pushchair with baby blankets or our coats, as the tiny attached umbrella never managed to keep the sun out, in order to make the precious princess sleep tight.

By MiMA Buggy Blanket is designed to protect the child in a pushchair from the sun. It will help protect parts that hoods and parasols do not. It attaches very easily with clips, allowing a gap for fresh air. It is universal and will fit most buggies or pushchairs. If a child is asleep in the buggy the By MiMA Buggy Blanket can be adjusted for maximum shade allowing the child to snooze. The child will not be enclosed.

And it’s made to order! Choose your favourite fabric and order by e-mail: order@handbymima.se.
Prices from £13, depending on fabric. Visit handbymima.se to see more.

Pictures shows By MiMA Buggy Blanket made from bright and beautiful fabric by Marimekko. The owner is little darling baby Ellen. Read more about Ellen and her family on ellenojag.blogspot.com

Photos: Ellen O Jag

3 thoughts on “Pimp my ride by MiMA

  1. Ja den är verkligen underbar, hela vagnen blev så mycket sommrigare! vilken härlig blogg du har.. har suttit och tittat i säkert en halvtimme nu, SÅÅÅ mycket fina kläder du visar!!! ha en mysig helg!!

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