Blog that’s purely celebrating boyhood!

For all you boys mums and dads -finally a blog where there are no pink dresses or flower hairbands! Surfing around the other day I came across this blog that’s purely celebrating boyhood:


Four Australian based contributors makes this fun and inspiring blog, writing about fashion, furniture, toys, arts & crafts and lifestyle in general -for boys. Join the Brothers Trimm Brigade with us!

Photo: The Brothers Trimm

4 thoughts on “Blog that’s purely celebrating boyhood!

  1. Hello and thank you for the lovely feature! How fantastic… We are so thrilled that we are starting to reach a wide audience, so keep reading and we’d love you to comment, that way we will know how to share the best news and latest information with you all. Hooray for Boys!

  2. Thank you so much!!!

    yes you are right, it’s not common at all around here … babies sleep in “sleeping bags” like in France and duvet is considered dangerous for them!! But i love them and in a buggy I think it’s very useful.

    Copenhaguen in “amoureux” must be lovely!! I So many lttle restaurants and nice cafes everywhere. I am dying to go back to… and the shopping is so cool with little boutiques and great brands for the kiddies and us! I came back with duvet covers from BY NORD, dont know if you know this brand…. i love it.

    thank you for your help again.


  3. I love Copenhagen too! Actually we are talking about going this summer, only the two of us. Romantic evenings and lots of shopping! 🙂
    Yes the duvets are in size 65x80cm retail price from £30 – £80 depending on quality and make. Have a look here:
    In Scandinavia they are sold everywhere.
    I had a browse, and it looks like it’s not that common in the UK?

  4. Brilliant! i go and se that right now. Thanx.

    And listen, i am just back from Copenhaguen (i just loved this city) and i saw all those babies in huge buggies with little duvet cover and i was wondering where you can find those duvet and fab covers smaller than a cot bed size i think. If you have any idea…

    thank you for your blog which i really enjoy reading and all your findings.


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