Small, but sturdy and stable

Aksel, the chair from Norway, is simple, pure in style, traditional & elegant. Handcrafted from the finest natural materials since 1938, is carefully built to provide you a lifetime of enjoyment.

Choose between the Aksel Children’s Chair, the smallest one. Delivered with or without arm rests and as rocking chair or Little Aksel, children’s chair for the dining table, for the ages 1-3 years. Delivered in beech wood, stained or painted design. Seat made of plaited sea grass or the Aksel Junior, suitable for children from 3 years up to 10 1/2 years. Seat made of plaited sea grass. Excellent for children in a period when other children’s chairs are too small and a normal chair is too large.

Visit the UK agent M & I Agencies for more information and details.

Photo: Aksel Hansson

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