Hipp Hipp Hurra

The 17th of May is the constitution day of Norway and that’s celebrated amongst Norwegians all over the world. And the annual celebration in London is taking place in Southwark Park.
It’s been a fantastic day filled with sunshine, ice cream, children’s parade, more ice cream, Norwegian hot dog (yes, that’s our party food!), children’s shows, games and activities and then some more ice cream.

The girls are wearing our traditional Norwegian costume. Little A is wearing a knitted “bunad” from Horten. Little B is wearing a “stakk” from Sigdal.
Read more about our traditional costumes here: Norsk Husflid

Photo: theScandinavianMum

2 thoughts on “Hipp Hipp Hurra

  1. Thank you! We had a perfect celebration, especially with the weather on our side. 🙂

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