It’s been too long!

Trying not to mention the hottest subject over the last week that we all are slowly growing tired of I have to admit that we had our return journey from our Easter Holiday in Norway unexpectedly changed from a simple 2 hours flight into traveling through Northern Europe by car, boat and train, staying at various of places whilst waiting for Euro Star to have 4 seats available for the last leg of our journey…

It’s amazing how rural Scandinavia suddenly is when there is no flights. But what an adventure at the same time when you have to travel more than 1200 miles through Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium and France in order to get back home.

Picture to the left is shot by Amélie, of her new souvenir from Brussels. Looking very happy to finally be on the train, going to his new home in the UK.

Picture shows two little Scandinavians missing the ferry in Rodbyhavn, Denmark by only 2 minutes.

Anyway! It’s lovely to be back in sunny London! First thing I did was clearing out our winter clothes, making space for Spring Summer! Thank you for visiting and looking forward to catching up!

3 thoughts on “It’s been too long!

  1. Well done & Welcome back. Naja and I also had to make our way back from Denmark by road. Driving from CPH to Holland then Ferry to Harwich then back on the road to London. Changed the way I view travelling. We have some great new summer items up on our website, in the girls T-shirt & Shorts section.

    All the best

    Stine@ Sparkle & Spin

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