Secret friend in a matchbox

What could be cuter than this matchbox mouse? He wears a stylish shirt and shorts to keep him warm and feeling comfortable. Or choose the girl wearing a dress.
The matchbox bed comes complete with flowery pillow, knitted blanket with lace trim and stripy mattress.
100% Cotton. Height/width/depth: 4.5/16/9 cm. Age: 3 years and up.

This is exactly what children would love to have, as a secret soft toy that lives in his own matchbox bed. And easy to bring along on trips etc. After our opinion the perfect gift for any child who still enjoys playing imaginative games.

Available for £20 at

Photo: Maileg

3 thoughts on “Secret friend in a matchbox

  1. We LOVE this blog at and!

    These little mice are so cute, they look like Thumbelina’s little friends….and stylish too…..hope you don’t mind if we take your lead and write about them too! 🙂

    x Theirlittleworld

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