Todays naughty purchase

My blog friend Smudgetikka kindly reminded all her readers about Stella McCartney for Gap Kids‘s launch yesterday. I wasn’t too excited about this as I think Gap is Gap, regardless of designer. Gap is were I buy leggings, t-shirts and jeans.
Only this morning I passed a Gap store and couldn’t pass without having a look at the collection. I ended up buying lots for both Beatrice and Amélie as this clearly was not ordinary Gap stuff. Knitted tunics, gorgeous delicate blouses flared soft jeans and linen skirts. A bit pricey for being Gap, but I think it’s well worth it. Who could possibly resist buying such beautiful clothes?
So thanks for mentioning it, Smudgetikka!

Photo: Stella McCartney for Gap Kids, by theScandinavianMum


  1. So happy you liked the range, I think Stella has been very involved with it and it shows in the attention to details. As you mentioned its a little pricey compared to normal Gap but it is a little more special.

  2. hmm.. not a fan of dressing children like little trendy adults and not a fan of overpaying for clothes that are still made by children in developing countries. there are so many other better choices out there. does gap really need another plug?

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