Mamaista writer off the track?

Usually American website Mamaista is enjoyable reading with lots of useful reviews -and with an urban touch.
Last week I read Mamaista’s article “Get on the Best Tressed List” and came across a expression I’ve never heard before, and that I certainly do not relate to; “if it feels good, do it” Euro-parenting bandwagon

Say what they will about the dangers of hair dyes being greatly exaggerated, you’re one mom-to-be who is content to err on the side of caution. Next thing you know, they’ll be trying to tell you that sashimi is fine too and recommending that you take up smoking.
No, no. Much as you’d love to jump on this “if it feels good, do it” Euro-parenting bandwagon, your hair is just going to have to wait until that baby is born.

It would be nice if the writer could have recommended a product with out talking negative (and rubbish!) about mothers from a entire other continent.
I think in today’s impersonal world, it’s more important than ever for women to stick together. And I certainly do not think nonsense like this contribute in any positive direction.

Oh… by the way -hope you all had a fabulous Mothers Day!

One thought on “Mamaista writer off the track?

  1. This is outrageous and flippin judgemental! I cannot believe that is even a term used. I would be interested if they replied to this post. Happy M day to you too.

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