The secret of Norwegian nursing mothers is out

Dr.Lipp is an amazing multi-purpose balm especially created to relieve extra dry and chapped skin, which can help to reduce skin roughness by up to 40% in only one hour. Made from Medical Grade Lanolin, a dermatologically recommended ultra effective emollient.
Originally used by midwives to relieve dry and sensitive nipples due to breast feeding. Dr.Lipp can also be used on any dry or sensitive skin areas and is fabulous as an ultra hydrating lip gloss. Tasteless and odourless Dr.Lipp is so pure and safe -even for new born babies! 100% organic, hypoallergenic, NO PARABENS, tasteless and odourless. A pure skin essential. For fast relief apply day or night onto any dry skin areas including lips, nipples, cuticles, knuckles, elbows, knees and even split-ends.

Dr.Lipp is also reputed to help relieve eczema and make-up artists swear by it as a long lasting lip gloss. Dr.Lipp was created by luxury designer Pontine Paus who first heard about this ancient remedy in her home town in Norway where many people suffer from dry skin patches due to the long, dark and cold winters. Pontine and her friend who was head of marketing for Stella McCartney at the time launched Dr.Lipp in 2004. Since then Dr.Lipp has become a cult beauty essential and a favourite of the London Fashion Set. A precious essential in the make-up case of international make-up artists Charlotte Tilbury, Pat McGrath, Charlotte Blackeney, Sharon Dorsett, etc… It gives a glowy cheek-shine on models during photo shoots and is fabulous on top of lipstick for an extra long lasting natural gloss effect.

Who would have thought that a balm for nursing mothers could be so diverse, such a sexy product and so kissable!?

Available at Space Nk

Photo: Pontine Paus

2 thoughts on “The secret of Norwegian nursing mothers is out

  1. Wow1 That brings back memories. I bought a tube of Dr Lipp almost 5 years ago when nursing my oldest son and found it incredibly pleasant to use.

  2. This is brilliant lip product for non-veggies. It would be great if they would design the tube to be a little easier to use though! Also available at Cult Beauty (

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