Spring news for Småfolk (Little People)

Danish Småfolk (means Little people in danish) is such a well known and established brand in the UK so it might surprise you that it was founded only 5 years ago. Their use of vibrant colours knows no boundaries as their kid’s clothes throw all the rules out the window in pursuit of memorable outfits. They almost operate under the mantra that colours can’t clash if they are gorgeous enough. Småfolk love bold colours and prints that make you sit up and take notice! Created for children that want to be noticed, their collections of clothes are anything but dull with patterns that little ones are likely to remember for the rest of their lives…

Their new spring collection is packed with all the stuff you always find in a Småfolk Collection – T-shirts, pants, dresses and lots of baby clothes. But there are also plenty of news like several new dress and sweatshirt models, rainwear and rubber boots in two new colors and their popular bedding in a cream colored background throughout the 8 colors.

Little people! Get ready for lots of beautiful spring experiences with Småfolk!

Photo: Småfolk

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