Will we ever get enough storage for toys?

This is the toy that served as a model for Theodore´s fine design comprising Leka’s logo. When Evy Westerberg-Lindqvist introduced her product in 1962, the magazine “Family Record” wrote: “The Trojan horse is the model for this fun toy that works both as a stool and the location of blocks and small things.” This is still valid today, but Yngve Eriksson has made sure that the horse received hefty rubber wheels and nice round shapes and made it available in all Leka´s bright colors.
Eriksson designed this little wooden horse with inspiration from his mother-in-law Evy Westerberg Lindqvist’s furniture series for children from the 60’s and 70’s. When Evy passed away Yngve wanted to give new life to the unique products which had once been so popular. The result is this collection which is made almost entirely in Northern Sweden. The collection’s mascot is this Trojan horse.
Perfect for all those bits and bobs, secrets and goodies!

Available online at scandinavianbrandsonline.com Prices from £65

Photo: Malou Barré

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