We simply love the Brio Grow

The Grow doesn’t compromise practicality or safety to style and looks. We think Brio has taken retro style to a new dimension with this elegant highchair. Engineered by the Swedish design team at Brio, the Grow is the latest product in the Brio range to master the holy trinity of style, practicality and durability at an affordable price. There is details like chrome base to offer stability with padded cushion for comfort. The highchair comes with safety rail and strap to ensure child’s safety, and the safety rail is easily detachable so it’s suitable for children up to 7 years.
There is also food tray available to the Grow.

One review found on MadeforMums

Stylish yet comfy, this highchair has a longer life span than many, lasting up to age 7, and a safety harness to hold mini Houdinis in check!

Brio Grow is available in bright red, black and white. Visit Kidsen for more details.

Photo: Brio

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