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Once upon a time there were two danish queens, Benedikte Qvortrup and Tine Bodnia who noticed that, when they dragged their own little princes and princesses away from the television and computer games and they gave them dressing up costumes instead something interesting happened: The children started to play with each other; They began performing little plays and making up their own fairy tales. They played and played and had totally forgotten about the television and all the computer games.
The two queens started to create richly-detailed costumes that were strong enough to withstand the tough treatment that their six children put them through. After a while other queens and kings started to ask if it was possible to buy similar costumes for their princesses and princes and then the queens decided that they had to found Eventyr Kompagniet, which means “the fairy tale company” in Danish.
The end? Or was that the beginning of it all?

With all the gadgets and toys available for children today, it can be hard to find something for them to do that requires a little imagination and creativity on their part. Dressing up allows them to explore their own dreams and encourages them to play with each other.

By providing children with costumes, you let them experience themselves as a beautiful princess or a brave knight. Because these costumes are of the highest quality, your child can have many hours of fun, and even perhaps saving it for new generations one day.

Eventyrcompany Aps provides costumes and dress-up articles that allow a child’s imagination to flourish all year long, with an exceptional high quality and attention to details that really make the costume stand out.

One thought on “A fairytale company

  1. Jeg er så imponert over alt du finner å skrive om. Og at du finner de nydeligste bilder! Selv jeg som er temmelig uinteressert i klær – og Eirik er fornøyd bare det er Star Wars på klærne – synes det er gøy å lese her.

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